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Straight from our smokehouse to your door, provides the freshest norwegian seafood with the highest standards, sustainably sourced, fresh smoked after old traditions and packaged for home delivering. We make it easy to bring the incredible flavor and health benefits of quality smoked seafood to your dinner table, lunch or just a party.


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Our huge selection of premium quality, sustainable smoked seafood is carefully selected and perfectly portioned for you. All seafood dishes are Norwegian seafood of the highest quality


You will never have to question the freshness of your order.

Our packaging is made out of biodegradable, non-toxic, and recyclable materials.

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We salt and smoke the good old way in brick kilns as they did in the same premises in the 1940s. A little extra work on the fish, but noticeable difference in the result.
Our smoked seafood has been expertly-curated to bring you the highest-quality seafood available, perfectly portioned for easy inclusion in your favorite recipes. Our boxes come with 8-12-16-20 individually-packaged servings, each serving 300 gr. Some types of fish are delivered as whole sides or sliced whole sides, and we have alternatives where the fish is smoked whole. Use only what you need for a meal and easily save the rest. No seafood has better shelf life than smoked fish!

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All fish are vacuum-packed before being sent to you.

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Choose Norwegian seafood for many reasons

In Norway, food safety has a high priority.

No matter what seafood it is, because it is Norwegian, you know that you get the best possible quality. Here's why. Norwegian seafood is quality seafood, and we are happy to share it. That’s why our seafood is being enjoyed across the world. The international importance of the industry is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Norwegian seafood travels to around 150 countries. We’re the second largest exporter of seafood in the world. Treatment of infectious diseases is a particularly big problem in countries that use a lot of antibiotics. Norway has the lowest use of antibiotics in the world! We have the coldest and cleanest water in the world, and Norwegian fish is best for you!

Eating fish at least twice weekly offers total body benefits.

How fat is the fish?
The fat content of fish varies widely. From the lean knit flob with 0.1% fat to the fat eel with 32.5% fat. The fat content also reflects the calorie content of the fish. The fattest fish also provides the most energy due to the high content of the healthy fatty acids. Fish can be divided into lean, semi-fat and oily.

Lean fish contains less than 2% fat (2 g fat per 100 g raw fillet). Typical lean fish are cod, saithe, haddock, lyre, bros, long, saithe, pike, plaice, perch and knitting flock.

Semi-fat fish contains 2-8% fat (2-8 g fat per 100 g raw fillet). Typical semi-fat fish are redfish, catfish, spring mackerel, char, halibut and sea trout.

Oily fish contains more than 8% fat (> 8 g fat per 100 g raw fillet). In this group you will find North Sea herring, autumn mackerel, eel, sprat, trout and salmon.

Norway has long traditions for fishing with our long coastline, and we eat a lot of fish. Salmon is especially popular. Did you know that salmon is Norway’s second largest export good, after oil? You might think that in the old days fish were only for people living by the coast, but also inland fish was an important part of the diet. How much seafood should you eat each week? According to the USDA, two is the magic number. The USDA’s 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend we eat at least eight ounces—or two servings—of a variety of seafood per week as part of a nutritious 2,000 calorie-per-day diet that includes 250 mg. per day of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Plus, The American Heart Association [AHA] says fish consumption not only decreases heart disease risks, but also contains valuable vitamins and unsaturated healthy fatty acids. And it’s deliciously easy to enjoy the recommended amount each week. Every 3-ounce serving of fresh or frozen salmon provides 1.1 to 1.9 g of total omega-3, according to the AHA.

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